Symptoms Of Heart Disease | What Do You Do If Symptoms Of Heart Disease Appear?

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besides go to the doctor.

The American Heart Association website can help you to a healthier lifestyle . You can make sure your diet is a healthy one, decrease your stress and engage in some form of relaxation, quit smoking and drinking if you do, take the omega 3 oils, and CALL YOUR DOCTOR for an appointment. Also, I would not engage in any form of exercise more strenuous than walking until your doctor has checked you out. Oh, and did I mention, CALL YOUR DOCTOR.

Excersise, eat healthier and you can take Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills, but non of this can replace going to your doctor!!!!

If its heart disease you should go see the Cardiologist. That way if its serious, they can help you out, And if necessary do surgery. And if you have heart disease, they may want you come in yearly for a checkup to watch it so it doesn’t get to serious.

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