Heart Attack | The Widow-Maker Heart Attack At Age 48: Written By A Heart Attack Survivor For A Heart Attack Survivor And Their Loved Ones

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The Widow-Maker Heart attack at age 48 was written by a “miracle” survivor of a massive heart attack. He provides hope and a pathway to recovery for other heart attack patients and their loved ones facing the same daunting life changing, unexpected experience. His entire first year of life after suffering his heart attack; actually dying six times, is chronicled in this book combined with his ever changing physical and psychological feelings. In writing this book it was the author’s goal to help other families and loved ones facing the same devastating unfamiliar territory as his family faced on March 31, 2008. His goal was to provide timeless support for the loved ones of the heart attack victim so that they might better be able to understand what the patient is going through and what they, as loved ones might do to help the heart attack victim better deal with their life changing experience. The genuine and heartfelt desire on the part of the author to provide insight to the heart attack patient in their post heart attack life is profound and dynamic as they too successfully recover. The book provides much needed insight into critical topics that become part of the day to day lives of heart attack victims. The author laments about the mental side of first symptoms of actually experiencing a heart attack, emergency room feelings, mental challenges associated with dying, physical and emotional thoughts of waking up in the ICU, first day emotional panic, first night death feelings, prescription drugs, family support, cardio rehab, physical and physiological ups and downs, “Mount Everest moments”, and stress prevalent in the first year of recovery. This book should be provided to every heart attack patient families or victim in the hospital, cardiovascular specialists and educators of heart attack health.

  • Title: The Widow-Maker Heart Attack At Age 48: Written By A Heart Attack Survivor For A Heart Attack Survivor And Their Loved Ones
  • Author: Patrick J. Fox
  • ISBN: 1438962797
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Pub Date: 2009-05-07

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