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WhatEverybody Must Know – symptoms of aHeart Attack &Cardiac Arrest symptoms HeartAttacks and Cardiac Arrests Are TRAUMATIC Experiences Not Just forthe Victim, but Equally So for the Family and Loved Ones!

Readon for Blunt and Absolute Truths Revealed BySomeone Who Has Personally Undergone and Survived Two (2) Massive HeartAttacks!


It Could Happen To You Or To Your Loved Ones!

JosephPonnou Authorof Beyond A Heart Attack e-book Basedon Personal Experience Of course, you don’t want to think about that dreadful heartattack – much lesser that you or your loved one should fall victim tothe symptoms of a heart attack Well, neither did I ever worry about cardiac symptoms or signs of a heart attack and nor was I interested to learn about what is heartattack really Till after a heart attack that I personally underwent Luckily, I heeded to the warning signs of a heart attack immediatelyand the medical team that took over my treatment for heart attackquickly brought me out of the danger zone, thanks to which here I amsharing my experiences and lessons learnt with you We must face the reality.

All causes of heart attacks considered, heartattack risk factors present potential dangers to everybody -men or women; aged or young; brave or not; rich or poor Yes, heart attack in women is equally true and real and is the number 1killer among women Nobody can afford to neglect the dangers   

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