What Is Heart Disease | Fish Oil And Heart Disease

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According to National Statistics online, nearly 15% of the population of the UK are suffering or have suffered from a cardiac health event in their lifetimes. That means that for every 100 people in the room, about 15 of them will have a heart attack or suffer from a coronary disease. Interestingly enough, this statistic includes both men and women, with men only having a slight advantage over the    .. more …

Cardiovascular Heart Disease | Heart Disease #15: Blood Tests You Must Get

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get done which are markers for an increased risk for cardiovascular heart disease. … Angina Arteries alternative arrhythmias Australia Albert Park …

Symptoms Of Heart Disease | Heart Doctor Bakersfield | Cardiologist Bakersfield

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smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Symptoms of heart disease include chest pain and shortness of breath. … “Dr. Vinod Kumar …

How Do You Get Heart Disease | Strawberry-Bananna-Pineapple Smoothie For Heart Health

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also tobacco use. Now you may be asking yourself, where or how do you get heart disease? Well, it’s caused by plaque in your arteries. It hardens …

Coronary Heart Disease | 5 Common Types Of Heart Disease

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There are many types of heart disease, but this article will explore five types of heart disease that are common to happen. Hopefully, this article can add your knowledge concerning this leading cause of death disease. #1 congenital heart diseaseThere is a fallacy of thinking that many people do when they believe that all heart disease is brought about by outside factors or that it needs some    .. more …

Angina | Eecp – Enhanced External Counterpulsation

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EECP is an enhanced external counterpulsation. It is cost effective, non invasive, non surgical, non pharmaceutical, out patient therapy for Angina, Heart attack and heart failure patients. It is FDA (USA) and NHS (UK) approved. How is EECP Performed?During EECP Patient lies on bed of machine. Three or five electrodes are applied to the chest to record a constant ECG. A Plethysmograph is applied    .. more …

Heart Attack | Beyond A Heart Attack – Based On Personal Experience

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WhatEverybody Must Know – symptoms of aHeart Attack &Cardiac Arrest symptoms HeartAttacks and Cardiac Arrests Are TRAUMATIC Experiences Not Just forthe Victim, but Equally So for the Family and Loved Ones!

Readon for Blunt and Absolute Truths Revealed BySomeone Who Has Personally Undergone and Survived Two (2) Massive HeartAttacks!


It Could Happen To You Or To Your Loved Ones!

JosephPonnou Authorof Beyond A Heart Attack e-book Basedon Personal Experience Of course, you don’t want to think about that dreadful heartattack – much lesser that you or your loved one should fall victim tothe symptoms of a heart attack Well, neither did I ever worry about cardiac symptoms or signs of aheart attack and nor was I interested to learn about what is heartattack really Till after a heart attack that I personally underwent Luckily, I heeded to the warning signs of a heart attack immediatelyand the medical team that took over my treatment for heart attackquickly brought me out of the danger zone, thanks to which here I amsharing my experiences and lessons learnt with you We must face the reality.

All causes of heart attacks considered, heartattack risk factors present potential dangers to everybody -men or women; aged or young; brave or not; rich or poor Yes, heart attack in women is equally true and real and is the number 1killer among women Nobody can afford to neglect the dangers    .. Get More Details Now! …

Angina | Heart Attack! But I’m Too Young… A Personal Story

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Do you get frustrated having to search in a hundred different places for worthwhile guidance and information on heart health?

I know I did after my heart attack I spent endless hours wasting time going to countless libraries having books all over the floor trying to remember which one had what in it – it drove me mad – and then all I could find was medical jargon and statistics, which didn’t help much.Does this sound familiar?Some of the common questions you might have are:What are heart attack signs and symptoms?Are there different heart attack symptoms for women?What are heart disease signs and symptoms?What are the causes of heart disease?What is a Myocardial Infarction?What is Cardiovascular Disease and Coronary Heart Disease?What is the difference between a heart attack and angina?What is the difference between heart attack chest pain and indigestion?How do you know if someone is having a stroke?If you have been diagnosed with heart problems, what next?The list goes on… Why did I write this book?

I had a heart attack at 45 and struggled to find meaningful information to help process what had happened to me This book is my story I write about how I felt emotionally during this time, my recovery and the information I have gathered along the way, which has been invaluable in helping me to get my life back on track    .. Get More Details Now! …

Heart Attack | The Widow-Maker Heart Attack At Age 48: Written By A Heart Attack Survivor For A Heart Attack Survivor And Their Loved Ones

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The Widow-Maker Heart attack at age 48 was written by a “miracle” survivor of a massive heart attack. He provides hope and a pathway to recovery for other heart attack patients and their loved ones facing the same daunting life changing, unexpected experience. His entire first year of life after suffering his heart attack; actually dying six times, is chronicled in this book combined with his ever changing physical and psychological feelings. In writing this book it was the author’s goal to help other families and loved ones facing the same devastating unfamiliar territory as his family faced on March 31, 2008. His goal was to provide timeless support for the loved ones of the heart attack victim so that they might better be able to understand what the patient is going through and what they, as loved ones might do to help the heart attack victim better deal with their life changing experience. The genuine and heartfelt desire on the part of the author to provide insight to the heart attack patient in their post heart attack life is profound and dynamic as they too successfully recover. The book provides much needed insight into critical topics that become part of the day to day lives of heart attack victims. The author laments about the mental side of first symptoms of actually experiencing a heart attack, emergency room feelings, mental challenges associated with dying, physical and emotional thoughts of waking up in the ICU, first day emotional panic, first night death feelings, prescription drugs, family support, cardio rehab, physical and physiological ups and downs, “Mount Everest moments”, and stress prevalent in the first year of recovery. This book should be provided to every heart attack patient families or victim in the hospital, cardiovascular specialists and educators of heart attack health.

  • Title: The Widow-Maker Heart Attack At Age 48: Written By A Heart Attack Survivor For A Heart Attack Survivor And Their Loved Ones
  • Author: Patrick J. Fox
  • ISBN: 1438962797
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Pub Date: 2009-05-07

More >> ..

What Is Heart Disease | A Serious Danger Of Smoking – Its Effect On Your Heart

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One of the more serious possible conditions from long-term cigarette smoking is heart disease. That’s a statement we hear often in discussions of smoking. But what does it really mean? What is heart disease, and how does smoking cause it?Heart disease is when one of your major arteries that lead from your heart and carry needed oxygen to the blood becomes partially blocked. If the blockage    .. more …

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